Bank Call Report Preparation for Beginners - Four Part Webinar

Ann Thomas

Ann Thomas has over 30 years of experience in bank accounting and control. She received a BA in Accounting from the University of Houston in 1982. From 1982 through 1997 she worked with Judith Alexander Jenkins, providing planning, financial reporting, regulatory reporting, and operational and compliance auditing services to over 90 independent banks.

In 1998, she organized Thomas Consulting, where she performs regulatory compliance audits and training, internal control audits, and prepares and reviews Call Reports for numerous banks. Ms. Thomas has taught call report seminars for state banking associations since 1999. She has presented the Call Report Seminar to and has responded to questions from thousands of bankers across the country. Her experience working with a broad range of independent banks is of unique value in understanding Call Report questions and in communicating with bankers in their own language.

Monday, March 5th, 2012

This 4 part webinar series will be held on March 5, 12, 19, and 26 from 11am-1pm ET.

This four part webinar is designed for bankers who are new to call report preparation and also OTS bankers who will have to file a Call Report starting in 2012.  The series will cover recent changes to the Call Report, basic reporting requirements, schedules that can be prepared using the general ledger and investment reports, loan schedules, maturity and repricing, and risk based capital.  There will be exercises designed to reinforce the classification of balance sheet and income statement items, as well as classification requirements for loans.

Covered Topics:

The first webinar will review the proposed changes to the Call Report, which primarily affect the lending side of the call report.  General reporting requirements will also be reviewed, including consolidation rules, filing deadlines, procedures, and call report resources.  Finally, the income statement schedules, RI and RI-E, which can be prepared using the general ledger, will be covered.  At the end of the session an exercise on the income statement classifications will be provided.

The second webinar will cover the reporting requirements for the balance sheet schedules that can be prepared using the bank’s general ledger and investment reports, including  RC, RC-B, RC-E, RC-F, RC-G, RC-K, parts of RC-M, and RC-O.  An exercise on the balance sheet and income statement schedules will be provided.

The third webinar will cover the loan classification requirements of RC-C, reporting of charge-offs and recoveries, past due loans, insider loans, and off balance sheet items.  An exercise on loan coding will be provided.

The final webinar will cover interest rate risk reporting, risk based capital, and the remaining call report schedules, RC-Q, RC-S, RC-T, RC-U, and RC-V.

Who Should Attend?

This series is designed for bankers who have a year or less experience in call report preparation experience as well as bankers currently in an OTS supervised financial institution who will be converting to the call report in 2012.

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