A Deep Dive into E-Oscar Reporting - A Look at Common Scenarios and Approaches

By now, everyone is familiar with E-Oscar reporting, how it works and what institutions are required to do. Over the last year or so, changes have been made overall in reporting and this may impact your approach to everyday E-Oscar situations.

But to build off this understanding is to now familiarize yourself with basic scenarios that financial institutions meet, including on how to handle incorrect information, repeat disputes, divorces, co-signors, and others situations. This webinar will walk you through how to approach those and to ensure you are handling them appropriately.

Covered Topics

  • A brief review of E-Oscar What are some of the Typical E-Oscar scenarios
    • A description of each
    • Reasons they can occur
  • What are some of the approaches
    • How to correct them
    • Reporting the correct codes
  • Other Helpful Hints

Who Should Attend?

Those who should attend include Branch Managers, Assistant Branch Managers, Customer Service Reps, Lenders, Compliance Officers, Risk Officers, Collectors, and Trainers.