Acing Your Job as a Customer Service Expert

Customer service professionals who face customers daily need the right skills and sound reasoning to perform their job successfully. Your team must be energized and knowledgeable about treating customers right. They are your company’s ambassadors and must build a talent to prevent customer friction and dissatisfaction by thinking on-the-fly and practicing customer service best practices.

Do you wish you could teach others how to defuse the tension that comes with a very dissatisfied or high demanding customer? Do you want to create raving fans that send you referrals? Gain insights to help everyone in your organization raise the bar and exceed customer expectations by improving the customer connection, meeting their needs, and handling every situation with empathy.

Save the date, spread the word and purchase this “get-it-done-right” webinar! Join Honey Shelton, one of the country’s most popular speakers, to gain the knowledge and develop the attitude you need to cultivate the keys to exceptional service: emotional intelligence and a strong sense of commitment and ownership.

What You Will Learn

  • 5 Essential Don’ts of Customer Service
  • The WOW impact…it’s not expected but it’s appreciated
  • Emotional IQ the key to success in relationship management
  • What to do when faced with a sticky situation or a stinky person

Who Should Attend?

Managers, trainers, leaders and everyone expected to excel at successfully dealing with an internal or external customer.