Protecting Your Vital Business Interests - The Value of SSN Verification with Absolute Personal Identifier Validation

The ease of creating a false identity has made financial institutions extremely vulnerable in becoming victimized across multiple operational areas.

Credit thieves and fraudulent applicants with false identities daily infiltrate financial institutions. These imposters have changed the playing field to their advantage - placing your business in severe risk of loss with estimates up to 30% of operating costs attributable to fraud.

There is an effective way to combat these perpetrators.

Protect your business from criminal activity by learning their schemes and thwarting their attempts with the absolute validation methodology direct form the U.S. governmental source records: Consent Based Social Security Verification (CBSV).

CBSV will be discussed as the premier method of personal identifier validation for due diligence processes as it matches name, SSN, date of birth, gender, and death indicator direct to the SSA Master File and Death Index to mitigate fraud and identity theft and reduce loan losses and net charge-offs.

CBSV is becoming the industry standard, and financial institutions that do not implement it into their processes will be less able to compete.  According to industry experts, CBSV prevents approximately 80% of new account and employment fraud - the affect on the bottom line is a game changer for financial institutions.

CBSV by itself is incredibly powerful; however, effective fraud prevention programs require a comprehensive approach. Employee training, data breach response plans, client outreach programs, identity theft prevention partnerships and C-level support complete the circle.

This webinar addresses all of these components which ultimately teach best practices to increase RONA, build customer loyalty and maximize brand value.

Covered Topics:

  • Current schemes used by applicants of all types (including new depository accounts, mortgage, auto, and personal loans), unauthorized workers, and other identity theft perpetrators.
  • Learn how to protect the vital interests of your organization and avoid becoming victimized by mitigating losses associated with fraud, identity theft and the loss of your company's valuable reputation.
  • The differences and similarities between government and non-government verification systems (credit header information, data algorithms, Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification, E-Verify, Social Security Number Verification Service (SSNVS), and Consent Based Social Security Number Verification (CBSV) service).
  • Pros and cons for each along with learning about current schemes involving Synthetic Name Fraud (aka Synthetic Identity Fraud) and Credit Profile Numbers (CPN) - which are both used to easily create a fraudulent identity.
  • Case studies will be discussed and industry best practices will be reviewed.
  • Identity theft and fraud training/certification programs for employees.
  • Customer outreach initiatives to include identity theft training, education and prevention.
  • Data breach response plans and handling effective post breach logistics.

Who Should Attend?

Executives and Managers of Operations, Lending, New Accounts, Security, Fraud, SIU, Compliance, and Human Resources.

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   OnDemand Recording - $295   
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