Robbery Training and Other Teller Security Issues

There were over 5,000 robberies that occurred in financial institutions last year alone. Criminals are either getting smarter or more desperate or both. Let's take a look at some ways for your financial institution to stay ahead of those criminals. Learn robbery prevention methods and what to do before, during and after a robbery. Also, learn how to detect counterfeit money, some checks and balances to detect check kiting and learn the new schemes that those criminals are coming up with to de-fraud your bank. This webinar will count as your annual security training.

Covered Topics:

  • Robbery Prevention
  • Robbery Procedures; before, during and after a robbery
  • Identity theft
  • Identifying features of U.S. Currency
  • Counterfeit money
  • The new $100 bill

Who Should Attend?

Tellers, New Accounts, Personal Bankers, Branch Managers, Customer Service Representatives, Security Personnel and anyone who handles cash.