Motivating & Managing the Teller Line

This fast-paced, all inclusive workshop covers every aspect of succeeding at leading the tellers to excellence. Think it's time to shape your tellers into Sales and Service Stars? Want to see more enthusiasm, an end to balancing problems, extraordinary service providers, adherence to audit and regulatory issues? This is the workshop for you and your teller supervisors!

Covered Topics:

  • Topic: Results
  • Self-Management: Self-Control
  • Established Values: Firm Principles
  • Goal Setting: Focus on Results
  • Self-Development: Open to Learning
  • Problem Solving: Analytical Approach
  • Innovative Courage: Liberator of Ideas
  • Winning Ways: Persuading of Others
  • Leadership: True Leader Skills
  • Managing Situations: Organizing
  • Developing Others: Teaching
  • Team Building: Developing Teamwork
  • Feedback: Self Critical

What can you expect from this experience? The opportunity to learn what you need to work on and, how to work on it! If you want to elevate the teller line don't miss this opportunity to discover techniques and strategies that will bring you the results you are looking for!

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who trains or leads your tellers and others you expect to have step into the role of teller supervisor!