Mortgage Foreclosure and Loan Collection

Mortgage Foreclosure and Loan Collection is a course designed to assist banking professionals in understanding the civil litigation process as it relates to mortgage foreclosures, deficiency judgments, suits against borrowers and guarantors and other actions related to loan collection. Attendees will gain an understanding of our civil court system, how a case proceeds from start to finish, how to minimize delays in the process, the common defenses brought by borrowers and guarantors, how deficiency judgments are obtained and, more importantly, collected, the impact of bankruptcy on loan collection litigation and more! The focus is on commercial loans but bankers working with residential and consumer credits will also benefit as the majority of the concepts discussed are applicable there as well. The course materials will feature a pdf copy of the instructor's most recent book entitled Mortgage Foreclosure and Loan Collection: A Practical Guide for Lenders.

Covered Topics:

  • Loan defaults and remedies
  • Analyzing the collateral lien position
  • Understanding the mortgage foreclosure process
  • Obtaining deficiency judgments
  • Collecting a money judgment
  • Managing litigation costs
  • Alternatives to foreclosure
  • The impact of bankruptcy on foreclosure

Who Should Attend?

Special assets officers, lenders, credit officers and other bankers involved in the collection process will benefit from this course.