Call Report for Banks: Basel III & Other Recent Changes

Basel III risk based capital changes will be effective for the first call report filing in 2015. There is also additional service charge detail required for larger banks in 2015.  Recent accounting updates affect the 2015 Call Report as well.

The Basel III & Other Recent Changes webinar is designed for experienced preparers and reviewers. The webinar will include detailed line item review of the new RCR risk based capital schedule under Basel III, as well as other recent changes and updates due to revisions in accounting standards.

Covered Topics:

Basel III Risk Based Capital:

  • Line item review of the new RCR schedule
  • Revised definition to regulatory capital and a new common equity tier 1 minimum capital requirement; requires higher levels of regulatory capital
  • Limits a banking organization's capital distributions and certain discretionary bonus payments if the banking organization does not hold a specified amount of common equity tier 1 capital in addition to the amount necessary to meet its minimum risk-based capital requirements
  • Amends the methodologies for determining risk-weighted assets for all banking organizations
  • Final rule applies to all banking organizations currently subject to minimum capital requirements, including national banks, state member banks, state nonmember banks, state and Federal savings associations

March, 2015 Revision:

  • RI
    • If offer at least one consumer deposit accounts and have assets more than $1 billion, will report a breakdown of service charges on deposits
      • Overdraft related service charges on consumer accounts
      • Monthly maintenance charges on consumer accounts
      • ATM fees on consumer accounts
      • All other service charges on deposit accounts

Recent Accounting Updates:

  • ASU 2014-02, Goodwill 
  • ASU 2014-04, Residential Real Estate
  • ASU 2014-14, Derecognition of Government Guaranteed Mortgage Loans
  • Recent guidance on accounting for a subsequent restructuring of a Troubled Debt Restructuring

Who Should Attend?

This update will benefit the more experienced Call Report preparers, reviewers, and auditors. It will supplement annual comprehensive Call Report training recommended by bank regulators.