Completing The SAR: Line By Line

Electronic filing of suspicious activity first came into being in March of 2012, and is here to stay. Electronic filing facilitates 24-hour analysis and very specific reporting. State of the art technology, instant global transmission of funds and the proliferation of international nefarious criminal organizations have mandated investigative agencies to develop transnational intelligence driven strategies to fight worldwide crime. This program is designed with the end users, namely financial investigators, to develop effective financial case. Completing The SAR will cover proper line-by-line completion of the Suspicious Activity Report.

Covered Topics:

  • "The Who" Subject Information - SAR Part 1- Items 1 to 25
    • Introduction of BSA / FinCEN
    • SAR reporting statute / Protections
    • Use of information on SAR
    • Types and recognition of fraudulent IDs
    • Security initiatives and National ID program
    • Instructions for Completion of Items 1 through 25
  • "The What" Suspicious Activity Information - SAR Part 2 - Items 26 to 45
    • Manifestations of suspicious activity
    • Types of illegal activity: Structuring, Terrorist Funding, Fraud, Money Laundering, Specific Unlawful Activities (SUAs)
    • Instructions for completion of Items 26 through 45
  • "The Narrative" Preserving The Activity In Writing - SAR Part 5 - Suspicious Activity Information
    • Use of Line Item headers
    • Role of Narrative in the investigative process
    • 5 Ws and H
    • Characteristics of a good report
    • Rules for writing SAR narratives
  • Questions and Conclusion

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is designed for BSA Officers, BSA Coordinators, Compliance Officers, Security Officers, OFAC Officers and staff who assist with compliance issues in the OFAC area.