Five Habits of Highly Effective Supervisors

What does it take to be an effective supervisor today? With downsizing, rightsizing, doing more work with less people to name a few, the effectiveness of the supervisor is called into question like never before.

In this fast paced two hour webinar explore what behaviors help you reach the top of effectiveness scale and which might need honing. No one can be expected to be perfect, but we certainly have no chance at even coming close if we haven't any awareness of where we might fall short of satisfactory.

Spend some time learning not only what it takes, but take away tips to arm you with the habits that will make you effective!

What You Will Learn:

  • The habits you need to stay at the top of your game
  • The habits you need to keep your employees at the top of theirs
  • The habits of clear analysis and effective decision making and problem solving

Who Should Attend?

Any leader within the institution that is responsible to get work done through others as well as produce results on their own.