Is Your Environmental Risk Management Program Working for You?

Is your ERM (environmental risk management) policy working for you and your organization? ERMs can lower risk, increase competitiveness and reduce costs associated with environmental issues. It's also essential to your institution that your ERM policy and practices are consistent, and up-to-date, with regulatory guidance. Learn how to ensure your ERM is helping you identify the right ERM tools to manage and mitigate risk.

Covered Topics:

  • Best practices for managing ERM for Special Assets
  • Identify, and address, potential hot buttons for examiners
  • Clearly communicate expectations and needs to customers on ERM
  • Develop effective review and updating procedures to ensure your ERM stays compliant
  • How good ERM can reduce risk and increase competitiveness

Who Should Attend?

We'll discuss the above and more during this informal and informative session. We invite any individual interested in ERM, including loan review specialists, environmental reviewers, appraisal specialists/reviewers, loan workout specialists, credit specialists and more.