Pulling Together - How to Excel at Teamwork

Teamwork is not only a good idea but necessary for the success of any branch. The demands for efficiency require that resources be maximized. Working and pulling together call for harmony, willingness to pitch in and to see to the needs of the customer. What is your role in making sure the team pulls together? Are you the manager or the employee on the team?

Regardless of job title in a branch, every member of the team is called to to do whatever is necessary to make it all work with a high degree of quality, accuracy and effectiveness. Without quality teamwork branches suffer consequences that prevent collaboration. High quality teams share values, trust each other and practice ongoing communication that is timely, clear and focused on excellence.

What You Will Learn:

  • Earn the Reputation of a Team Player
  • Use Teaming an Effective Tool to Achieve High Quality Results
  • Learn 10 Elements of a Healthy Work Relationship
  • Build Satisfying Relationships at Work
  • Determine if Mutual Accountability is Alive and Well
  • Team Strategies
  • Teaming Lessons from Nature

Who Should Attend?

Retail and operations employees, supervisors, managers and trainers would all benefit from this webinar.

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   OnDemand Recording - $295   
   CD-ROM - $345