Job Shadowing: Simple Program, Big Results

Silos, poor communication across departments, and employees not understanding the bigger picture is a challenge in any organization. It's especially problematic for financial institutions with employees geographically spread out across multiple branches and locations.

Job shadowing can be a simple, inexpensive way of addressing these issues with big results. Done right it helps develop participants by helping them understand the big picture and how their work fits into the organization, it builds networking and relationships across the organization and makes it easier to get work done, it helps destroy silos and build trust across departments, and enables more effective career pathing and internal selection.

Based on a job shadowing program developed at an 18 branch institution, this webinar shows attendees how to get started and the key pieces (and potential pitfalls) to consider in order to create and run a simple, effective, and well-received job shadowing program.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • How to set up a job shadowing program with a simple, inexpensive framework where HR/L&D guides the process but ownership is held by the participating departments and participants. This allows it to run with minimal effort from HR/L&D once it is set up and launched.
  • How to start the program small and grow interest and participation naturally through demonstrated value.
  • A simple way make the program more valuable to leaders by capturing improvement ideas for processes, departments, and the organization.
  • How to tie job shadowing to career pathing and internal placement.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is adapted from a presentation given at the 2014 Bank Trainers Conference and is geared toward Human Resources and Learning & Development professionals involved with employee development, culture, or organizational effectiveness.