IRA Distributions: Premature and Normal

In this IRA webinar, we will work on the distribution side of the IRA. You will learn how to deal with the various types of distributions from the IRA, from premature to normal distributions. With every rule, there is an exception. You will learn the various exceptions to the 10% if your account holder takes their money out too early. We will cover the reporting and the penalties your customer may face if this is done improperly. We will work some 70 ½ problems and make sure that your financial institution is ready to go for this year’s distributions.

Covered Topics:

  • Premature distributions
  • IRS Tax levies
  • Normal distributions
  • How to calculate 70 ½ distributions
  • Required beginning date
  • Life expectancy payouts
  • Reporting
  • Penalties

Who Should Attend?

This webinar will benefit all IRA administrators, personal bankers, trust offers, customer/member service representatives and those selling or discussing these products with their customers or members.