New TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) Rule: Are You Ready for Its Impact?

It's close to the bottom of the ninth inning in the TRID game. How is your bank doing? One of the biggest mistakes lenders are making is to assume the new rules are just about paperwork: we're just replacing one set of disclosures for another, right? Wrong.

While new paperwork is a big part of the rules - and that change has many unintended impacts in itself - the rules are really about process change. Your loan officers, processors, closing agents, and third parties will all be impacted in ways many haven't yet thought about. Add to this the increased liabilities added by the rules for not doing it right, and the risk presented for not being ready becomes unacceptable.

This webinar is intended to review the changes to process the rules will present. What are the unintended consequences? What are the areas many won’t think about? What questions should you be asking right now? These are a few of the questions we'll address.

Covered Topics:

  • What the new disclosures are all about
  • Completing the new disclosure forms
  • New timing requirements
  • Liabilities and responsibilities
  • Unified definition of "application" - what this means for pre-qualification and pre-approval programs
  • Dealing with third parties, including your software vendors
  • Strict rules on redisclosures - both the Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure
  • What to do about mistakes?
  • Loan types where Reg. Z disclosures will still be required

Who Should Attend?

This interactive session will give an in-depth understanding of the new rules and is imperative for anyone performing duties in consumer mortgage areas of the institution. This includes loan officers, processors, closing agents, underwriters, supervisors, auditors, compliance officers, auditors, counsel, and others working in these types of positions.

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