The Aging Workforce (Using the Proper Legal Focus?)

People are working longer.  Retirement is not at 65 anymore, and fifty is not "old."   Many people are healthier and active longer.  Some are not.  Employers can benefit from the experience of those who stay for extra years.  At other times, people cannot perform at the level they used to.  The increasing number of older workers create opportunity and quandaries on fair evaluation, how to validly determine whether a person can effectively and safely continue in a job, succession planning and more.  

Covered Topics:

  • Why the 81-year old doctor won the hiring case
  • The Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the federal accommodation requirements, and the Older Worker's Benefit Protection Act
  • Validity in hiring and evaluating whether a person can continue to do the essential job functions
  • Workplace issues created by a range of ages
  • Rights to evaluate fitness for duty or "direct threat of safety"
  • Adaptation to new duties and new technology
  • Explore how to make valid, non-discriminatory decisions
  • Understand termination and severance agreements

Who Should Attend?

Human Resources personnel, Managers, Accountants, and anyone employing others will benefit from this webinar.