Call Report for Banks - Recent Changes, Highlights, and Pitfalls

On September 8th, the Agencies announced proposed changes to the December 2015 and March 2016 Call Report. The Agencies propose deleting certain items on RI related to Other Than Temporary Impairment, and items on schedules RC-C and RC-N related to certain restructured loans. New thresholds are proposed for reporting on RI-E, RC-F, and RC-G, along with additional preprinted captions. In addition, the Agencies propose increasing the deposit size threshold from $100,000 to $250,000 on RI, RC-E, and RC-K.

The Agencies are considering a less burdensome version of the Call Report for institutions that meet certain criteria. They are also visiting with a limited number of banks during the third quarter and looking at how the banks prepare their call report and where a significant amount of time and/or manual processes are required.

Basel III risk-based capital changes became effective with the first call report filing in 2015. There is also additional service charge detail required for larger banks as of 2015. Moreover, recent accounting updates affect the 2015 Call Report.  

This webinar will include a review of new proposed changes, along with a detailed line item review of the new RCR risk-based capital schedule under Basel III and other recent changes and updates due to revisions in accounting standards.

Covered Topics:

Line Item Review of RC-R, Part I & II, Basel III Risk Based Capital

March 2015 Revision:
  • RI 
    • If offer at least one consumer deposit account and have assets of more than $1 billion, will report a breakdown of service charges on deposits
    • Overdraft related service charges on consumer accounts
    • Monthly maintenance charges on consumer accounts
    • ATM fees on consumer accounts
    • All other service charges on deposit accounts
Recent Accounting Updates: 
  • ASU 2015-01, Simplifying Income Statement Presentation by Eliminating Concept of Extraordinary Items
  • ASU 2015-03, Debt Issuance Costs
  • ASU 2014-02, Goodwill 
  • ASU 2014-04, Residential Real Estate
  • ASU 2014-14, Derecognition of Government Guaranteed Mortgage Loans
  • Recent guidance on accounting for a subsequent restructuring of a Troubled Debt Restructuring

Who Should Attend?

This update will benefit more experienced Call Report preparers, reviewers, and auditors. It will supplement annual comprehensive Call Report training recommended by bank regulators.