Bitcoin for Bankers

Bitcoin lurked around the edges of the Internet during its first few years of existence, skyrocketed to exceed the price of gold, and has now seemingly faded. But contrary to popular belief, Bitcoin is still alive and well, and is starting to be used in some innovative ways.  

We'll bring you up to speed on what Bitcoin is, how it compares to other virtual currencies, and what the threats and opportunities are for bankers. Learn some Bitcoin-related jargon, such as mining, wallets, hot and cold storage, and more. 

MIT, Goldman Sachs, and NASDAQ are testing the technology that powers Bitcoin to innovate data management and privacy. As a consequence, the future of Bitcoin may actually be much greater than the value of the virtual currency itself.

Covered Topics:

  • Compare Bitcoin the protocol with Bitcoin the virtual currency, as well as other virtual currencies.
  • Determine where you can spend Bitcoin instead of cash, and gain an understanding of virtual currencies in general, as well as how to buy, sell and acquire Bitcoin.
  • Unlock the mysteries of Bitcoin mining and the cryptography behind the scenes, including the backstory on the unknown person who launched the currency.
  • Receive an overview of governmental and political perspectives on Bitcoin, including campaign donations.
  • Learn abut the dark side of Bitcoin, such as (1) the federal law enforcement agents who attempted to steal money from criminals they were investigating; and (2) criminals actively hijacking computers in exchange for Bitcoin-related ransom.
  • Private, but public? Bitcoin's curious accounting ledger openly tracks all transactions, which means transactions aren't truly untraceable.
  • See who's making money with Bitcoin, including the short-lived Bitcoin Bowl sports sponsorship.
  • Look ahead at opportunities Bitcoin portends for bankers, including experiments underway by Goldman Sachs and NASDAQ, as well as an MIT proposal to use the blockchain to increase privacy of personal data.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone seeking to understand what Bitcoin is, how it works, and get a sense of where it's headed.