Branch Transformation Series - Part 1

This is part of a three-part webinar series on Branch Transformation. To view or purchase the entire series, click here.

If your financial institution is typical, you probably have more branches than you need, and the ones you have are too big. Moreover, based on expanded use of the virtual branch, branch visits are down, making your offices too empty. What can you do?

This series, presented by renowned ebanking and payments pioneer David Peterson, will examine opportunities and challenges with physical branches, profile financial institutions leading this change, and provide specific strategies to consider for your financial institution.

Session 1: Making the Case for Branch Transformation

This session documents root causes of reduction in branch traffic and explores how you can rejuvenate customer interest. We'll examine potential branch models, identify multiple strategies for how financial institutions are addressing physical branch transformation, and examine success stories.

Covered Topics:

  • Current Branch Assessment
  • Factors Leading to Need for Branch Transformation
  • Examination of Who Tomorrow's Customers Will Be
  • The Case for Branch Engagement

Who Should Attend?

CEOs, EVPs, CFOs, Retail and Commercial Branch Managers, Branch frontline staff, and anyone interested in how to make their branches more relevant