The Directors Education Series: BSA Basics: Suspicious Activity Reports

The Suspicious Activity Reporting program is designed to help Board members see how a red flag can become a SAR. It will cover how your frontline and system can help in detecting money laundering activities, but the BSA officer will still complete the SAR. Your Board will understand the confidential nature of the SAR and how your team works with law enforcement to gather the best possible information and report it to Financial Crimes Network.


  1. The who, when and where of filing SARs
  2. Brief form overview
  3. Institution obligations and worksheets
  4. Corrections, amendments and joint filings
  5. Who can see SAR information
  6. The Board's Role

Training Features:

  • Includes Audio, Video and Powerpoint. 
  • PDF Handouts
  • Discussion Questions
  • 20-25 minutes in length (Perfect to show at your monthly board meeting!)

This program is a breakout session from the Directors Education Series, which is a subscription based Library containing over 45 trainings specifically for your Board of Directors. For more information on the Directors Education Series click on or go to You can email questions to or talk with a representative by calling 1-800-831-0678.

Who Should Attend?

This program is recommended for your Compliance, Operations, Risk Management and Executive staff including every member on your Board of Directors.