UCC 3 and 4 Issues for Tellers

Your financial institution's best defense against fraud and loss begin with the frontline. Learn about many legal aspects of checks, the compliance issues of Reg CC and BSA. This webinar will serve as the annual training requirement for both these regulations.

If you've been waiting for a technical program about compliance for your tellers, this session is for you. Tellers will learn how to make a decision to place a hold and then how to fill out the paperwork. We'll also look at common and easily avoided CTR errors, plus how to spot money laundering techniques that customers may use.

Topics Covered:

  • Overview of endorsements and negotiable instruments
  • Postdated checks, stale dated checks, and stop payment orders
  • Customer responsibilities to read statement
  • Negligence of the consumer in handling checks
  • Regulation CC definitions
  • Regulation CC case-by-case holds
  • Regulation CC exception holds
  • Looking at the customer and the check, and determining when to hold funds
  • Common errors on CTRs
  • Red flags for money laundering
  • Communication with BSA officer when things happen at the frontline

Who Should Attend?

Tellers, Head Tellers, Branch Managers, Deposit Operations, CTR Administrators, Training and Compliance.