Regulation CC - Check Holds

Regulation CC is the regulation governing the availability of funds for transaction accounts and the holds that financial institutions can place on checks. This regulation was passed in 1988 and continues to be one of the toughest compliance problems in financial institutions around the country.

Can we place a hold on a cashier’s check? How many days can we hold checks on a new account? Does this apply to business accounts? Do we have to give the hold while the customer is there or can we mail it later?

These questions will all be addressed in this informative and easy to follow program for the frontline. You'll need a copy of your hold form and Regulation CC disclosure to follow this frontline program.

Covered Topics:

  • Purpose of the regulation 
  • What is a transaction account?
  • Availability Schedules
  • Business versus banking days, Transaction Accounts and more definitions 
  • How to count days and place holds
  • Next day items versus other checks
  • Case by Case holds
  • Exception Holds
  • Hold Notices and how to complete
  • New Accounts exception
  • Common errors on holds

Who Should Attend?

All tellers, teller managers, cashiers, customer service representatives, back of bank operations, branch managers and compliance officers

"Deborah Crawford is always easy to listen to and she explains things the way I can understand them. I don't feel silly asking what may seem like simple questions, she has always answered them kindly." --Lisa K., Independence State Bank