Mastering the Balancing Act

Maintaining and balancing the cash drawer is a major responsibility for tellers. Thousands of dollars in cash may pass through their hands daily, and accounting for every cent is critical.

Accuracy and efficiency in handling cash are key, along with a friendly and helpful demeanor, being alert for fraud and scams, and complying with regulatory reporting requirements.

When a teller doesn't balance consistently, it could be due to lack of training or learning, disorganization, failure to follow procedures, a con artist scam, or lack of consistency in handling transactions.

This webinar will remind your tellers of the importance of their job, while reviewing steps needed to ensure a favorable outcome at the end of the day when balancing the cash drawer.


  • Ten Things Tellers Must Do
  • Six Things Tellers Never Do
  • Best Practices that Impact Balancing
  • Avoid Outages and Interruptions
  • Eliminate Transpositions

Who Should Attend?

Everyone who works a teller window at any time, plus teller supervisors, branch managers and those responsible for training tellers