The Bank CEO Guide to 5 Keys to a High Performing Sales Team

Is your sales performance less than it needs to be? Are 20% of your people driving 80% of your results? Are your sales people making excuses? Are you tired of hearing excuses for lack of performance?

Today’s continued volatile economy provides plenty of challenges for financial salespeople. Yet many top performing banks and credit unions do continue to grow, increase market share and enhance margins.

Under all economic conditions, there are critical sales management actions that create high performance sales organizations. Don't let market conditions, excuses and media hype get in the way of helping your sales team drive revenue today. They absolutely can — with the right sales leadership approach!

The 5 Keys to a High Performing Sales Team is designed to help you understand and overcome what limits sales teams. And it starts at the top of the house, with you.

Jack Kasel, of Anthony Cole Training Group, will show you how to implement a disciplined sales managed approach that includes setting extraordinary standards, keys to motivating your team, coaching for success, hiring and upgrading your sales force.

Covered Topics:

  • Drive sales team performance by instilling a "no excuses" sales culture
  • Understand the nuances between managing and coaching in order to help your sales managers do both more effectively
  • Use the 5 most powerful sales management skills that create top-performing sales teams
  • Implement the sales huddle process to focus and motivate your entire sales team

Who Should Attend?

CEOs, Presidents, CFOs, and Executive Leaders throughout banks and credit unions will all benefit from this webinar.