Coaching Excellence

Create a framework of success for both employees and managers when it comes to coaching. Learn how to put coaching to work for you, your staff and your organization. The Coaching Excellence process includes:

  • Convey Expectations
  • Collaborate and Agree
  • Build a Performance Plan
  • Establish Accountability
  • Commitment to Review
  • Address Underperforming and Reinforce Progress
  • Recognize and Reward
This action-packed, how-to webinar will explore why coaching skills are relevant and essential. Leave knowing what coaching is, and when, where and how to apply it. Learn how to build positive, constructive relationships that result in a stronger commitment to improving performance.

Also learn how to apply proven coaching techniques that motivate and maximize performance. You'll be exposed to practical tools and best practices as you come to understand and personally build your skill to coach in all types of circumstances.

What You Will Learn:

The Coaching for Performance workshop consists of two major components:
  • Gain a broad understanding of what it means to effectively put the coaching process to work for you. Each one of the seven steps will be defined and expanded upon; you'll quickly see how each one links to your personal success as a coach. It will set the stage for why coaching skills are the key support tools managers bring to the workplace.

  • Address different styles of coaching. Get introduced to a proven technique that teaches employees the importance of self-evaluation and personal accountability. The focus will include familiar, real world scenarios. You'll hear how to dialog and process with meaningful success in all types of coaching opportunities from the simple to the more complex.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone in your organization with responsibility for leading, developing and managing others.