Are They Really a Bank Prospect?

Uncovering what it will take for a prospect to move their money over (or take out a loan) and tell their current bank that they are leaving is critical when determining if a prospect is a qualified prospect. Too often sales people are faced with investment, money or current provider objections at presentation time because they did not ask very important questions earlier in the sales process.

This workshop will help you become more effective at the early steps in the sales process so you can shorten the sales cycle, eliminate stalls and "think it overs" at the closing table, and close more business.

Covered Topics:

  • What is getting in the way of your gaining more commitments from prospects?
  • Specific questioning techniques to uncover your prospect's commitment to find the time, money and resources to make a change
  • Why it is essential that you have the money discussion before presenting any of your solutions, and how to have that dialog with your prospect

Who Should Attend?

Salespeople in all lines of business, tellers, supervisors and trainers