Real Estate Law for Bankers

Learn basic real property law concepts encountered frequently by bankers. Bankers will become familiar with concepts you'll encounter when making loans secured by real estate or when making loans to tenants in real property. The course will assist lenders when structuring loans and also when communicating with bank counsel.

Covered Topics:

  • Basic Principles of Real Estate Law
    • Property ownership rights
    • Methods of owning real property and the consequences of each
  • Legal Descriptions and Surveys
    • Metes and bounds descriptions
    • Platted property
    • Reading and understanding surveys
  • Real Estate Finance
    • Mortgages, security agreements and other collateral instruments
    • Liens and lien priorities
    • Mortgagee title insurance
    • Collateral assignments of notes and mortgages
  • Leases
    • Rights of tenants
    • Tenants rights versus rights of a mortgagee
  • Deeds in lieu of foreclosure

Who Should Attend?

Lenders, special assets officers, residential and commercial underwriters, personal bankers, and relationship managers