Game Plan to Pass Your Next Fair Lending Exam – Ten Steps for Success

Did you know the CFPB spent ONE-THIRD of its 2015 budget ($140 million) on supervision and fair lending enforcement? The CFPB listed “FAIR LENDING” as a primary supervision objective, and other regulatory agencies follow this priority. A recent CFPB report outlined FIVE fair lending risk factors:

  • Weak or nonexistent fair lending compliance management systems (CMS)
  • Underwriting and pricing policies that consider prohibited bases in a manner that violates ECOA or presents a fair lending risk
  • Discretionary policies without sufficient controls or monitoring to prevent discrimination
  • Inaccurate HMDA data
  • Noncompliance with Reg B’s adverse action notification requirements. 
How will your regulator interpret and use these risk factors? A compliance examination is the “report card” that financial institution regulators use to “pass or fail” a financial institution’s compliance and Fair Lending program. Will your bank or credit union pass the test?

Get practical guidance to develop and maintain a risk-based compliance management program. Whether your bank is a small community bank, credit union, or a large regional institution, this fast-paced webinar will review the components of an effective compliance management system, including Board and management oversight, audit and monitoring functions, organizational structure, corrective action, training, and recommended policies and procedures.

You'll then be led through the entire exam process and receive tools and guidance to help you successfully manage the exam.

Covered Topics:

  • What are the latest compliance exam procedures and “hot topics”? The October 2015 Interagency Fair Lending Hot topics session included presentations from the CFPB, Federal Reserve, NCUA, FDIC, OCC, HUD and the Department of Justice. Two of the hot topics discussed will be included in this session regarding redlining and the use of risk assessments to determine an exam focal point. Increasingly, the loss mitigation process and lender compensation are being examined closely.
  • Learn 10 steps to help you prepare for and PASS the compliance exam.
  • What can you learn from recent enforcement actions, including penalties for UDAAP?
  • How do you develop a risk-based and effective compliance management system (CMS)?
  • What does the Board need to know and what is appropriate Board oversight?
  • What are the fundamentals of Fair Lending, including best practices for inquiries, loan interviews, application processing, underwriting, complaint management, and adverse action notices?
Requirements for small and large financial institutions are covered. Links will be provided for the CFPB, OCC, Federal Reserve, and NCUA exam procedures.

Who Should Attend?

Both experienced and new Compliance Officers, Auditors, Lenders, Loan Operations, Risk Managers, and Senior Management