12 Tricks that Make Training Stick

Effective training isn’t magic, but there are tricks of the trade you would benefit from incorporating into coaching or instructing others. Tune in and listen to what Honey Shelton, a nationally recognized trainer of trainers, suggests.

Do you get frustrated when you tell people what to do and they don’t remember? Are you disappointed when you conduct a training session and find out later that supervisors question if an employee attended the session?

If you're responsible for helping others learn, this webinar is for you. It's a show and tell presentation on what must happen for training to stick.

Discover tips and techniques aimed at making training fun. Want your learners to remember and put to use what you trained them on? Learn how to to make training fun, increase participation and involvement. Sign up, tune in and learn how to make training stick.

What You Will Learn:

  1. Do your homework
  2. Prime the learner and the supervisor before training
  3. Promote training offerings
  4. Role model the culture and values of your company
  5. Design training around targeted learning objectives
  6. Explore useful, affordable resources
  7. Employ creative tools that promote retention
  8. Set the stage
  9. Timing is everything
  10. Respect adult learning principles
  11. Manage problems that crop up
  12. Evaluate the results

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who wears the hat of trainer at your bank - both highly seasoned, experienced trainers and those with limited experience - will benefit from this dynamic workshop.