Developing a Star Teller

Service, Technical and Compliance skills are needed to develop the star in your institution. This webinar focuses on the compliance and technical skills your teller needs to be successful at his or her job. Today's environment is complex with increasing fraud and competition in the market place, so your teller needs to be ahead of the curve.

Participants will also receive a Teller Handbook.

Covered Topics:

  • Checks:
    • Endorsements
    • Stop Payments
    • Deceased Accounts
    • Post dated checks
    • Business, personal and fiduciary checks
  • Holds:
    • Annual Regulation CC training
    • Policies and procedures for placing holds
    • Types of Holds
  • Security:
    • Fraud issues including kiting, postal money orders and treasury checks security features
  • Compliance
    • CTRs line by line
    • Red Flags for money laundering annual training

Who Should Attend?

Tellers, Head Tellers, Cashiers, Branch Managers, Branch Administration, Compliance and Training