Pain Relief for Managers - Managing Multiple Generations Successfully

For the first time in modern history, the American workforce consists of four separate generations—from those that remember Pearl Harbor to those who can’t remember a time without the Internet. In today's fast-changing work environment, it is vital to an organization's success that all of leadership gain awareness and understanding of the impact diversity brings to work teams.

Daily, managers face the challenge of multiple generations working side-by-side, bringing with them differences in perspective and attitude that can create friction, frustration and poor morale. Differing work ethics, values, technological abilities, and life experiences can collide. Each generation has different expectations, assumptions, priorities, approaches to work and communication styles and preferences, which in turn affect recruiting, team building, productivity and morale.

If we choose to ignore these differences, they can grow into a source of misunderstanding and conflict. When managed appropriately, they can create opportunities for collaboration and synergy, boost morale of all workers and generate pain relief for the manager.

Covered Topics:

  • What Makes Each Generation Tick?
  • How to Adapt Your Coaching Style as Needed?
  • Build Bridges and Find Common Ground
  • Create a Climate Where Each Generation Thrives
  • Utilize The Three C’s to Engaging Workers
  • Narrow the Generational Communication Gap
  • Create Synergy with the Differences

Who Should Attend?

Anyone with supervisory oversight and those that train others