Overdraft Privilege - 10 Hot Spots

Building an Overdraft Privilege Program is not easy in this regulatory and guidance environment. This program focuses on the key regulations and guidance that impact your program. Your frontline will learn how to discuss overdraft privilege, how to explain how items process and how to handle conversations about excessive fees and other options. If your program is causing confusion among your account holders, you may receive complaints at CFPB and have involvement in lawsuits.

What You Will Learn:

  • What are the key regulatory issues
  • What recommendations have been made in guidance issued by regulators
  • What has happened in lawsuits that you should pay attention to
  • How to have conversations about overdraft options
  • Learn how to explain how items process
  • Words and phrases that can cause harm to your institution 
  • How to avoid complaints 
  • And lots more

Who Should Attend?

Branch Administration, branch managers, tellers, new accounts representatives, lenders, management, call centers and anyone who works with customers.