Vital Issues on Personal Accounts: 25 Customer Questions and the Answers

Account holders ask the most interesting questions about ownership of deposit accounts. Some of these questions include: Who will get the money when I die; Can I add my niece to the account for two weeks; and Can I add POD during the term on a CD?

We'll address 25 different questions your account holders might ask on their personal accounts and give the correct answers.

If you have questions you want covered during this program, submit them to one week before the program.

Covered Topics:

  • Rights at death on personal accounts
  • Adding and deleting signers
  • Adding and deleting owners
  • Labels and special earmarking on accounts—good or bad?
  • Can you make ownership changes during the term of a CD?
  • What exactly can a POA do and not do?
  • Rights of joint owners
  • Rights of authorized signers and agents
  • POD designations and affidavits
  • And many more questions and answers

Who Should Attend?

New accounts representatives, call service representatives, branch managers, assistant branch managers, branch administration, deposit operations, BSA CIP personnel, training, and anyone who works with or manages the new account function.