Lead The Way At Your Branch

If you are responsible for managing tasks and people at your branch, you must master the art of juggling. Staff, schedules, meetings, compliance concerns, goals that must be met, deadlines that won’t wait, on-going training needs, serving as a back-up for the employee who didn’t come in…the list goes on and on.

How successful do you want your branch to be? How do you know how successful it is now? What are your criteria for success? Honey Shelton will get you fired up about what needs to happen to make things hum at your branch.

HOW YOU WILL BENEFIT: Discover how to keep all the balls in the air and your attitude positive. Inspire your staff to get on board and acknowledge the need to make the customer experience positive and memorable. Learn creative solutions and best practices to help you lead the way at your branch. Ramp up your leadership skills. Address critical supervisory issues necessary to becoming an excellent leader.

We'll focus on techniques and strategies you need to handle your responsibilities successfully and be the manager everyone wants to work with. Retail banking continues to revamp and discuss what the branch should look like, how many people it will take to staff a branch, etc. What hasn’t changed is the need for the customer experience to be exceptional.

Covered Topics:

  • What Do You Want to Have Happen at Your Branch?
  • Explore the Fundamentals of Coaching
  • Motivate, Train, Lead and Show Them the Way – It’s Your Job
  • Convey Customer Service is Job One, Positive Coaching When It Falls Short
  • Learn the Key Components to Conducting Difficult Conversations
  • Address and Manage Under Performance
  • Resolve Conflict Effectively and Efficiently
  • Get Organized – Delegate Effectively
  • Address Complaining, Whining and Gossip
  • Encourage Your Staff to be Self-Managed

Who Should Attend?

All those with supervisory responsibilities at your branch: Branch Manager, Assistant Branch Manager, Head Tellers and Trainer