Top 50 Most Important SD Procedures - 2016 Update

The safe deposit operation is a unique, fast-changing service in the financial industry. It's the only service in which members of your staff don't know the value of a consumer's assets. As a result, every vault transaction can lead to considerable liability. Effective procedures and sound daily practices can counteract and minimize this risk. Learn the "nuts and bolts" and recommended day-to-day operating procedures for your institution.

What You Will Learn:

Test Your Procedures:

Answer: (Y) YES    (N) NO    (NS) NOT SURE to review your internal procedures.


_____    Can box keys be duplicated using silly putty and epoxy glue? 

_____    Will your part-time attendant make a good courtroom witness? 

_____    Do you follow the ten necessary steps when granting box access? 

_____    Do you have at least ten items included in your new box renter's kit? 

_____    Can FDIC/NCUA signs, logos or brochures create safe deposit liability?

_____    Can you purchase locksmith tools on EBAY that can open boxes in seconds?

_____    Are you providing a "No Insurance Disclosure Notice" to all new box renters?

_____    Do you require five types of identification from every signer on a new box contract?

_____    Are you aware of your liability if box access is allowed "before or after" lobby hours? 

_____    Do you know why you will lose a lawsuit if you are leaving anyone in your vault alone?

How did you do on the test? This presentation addresses these issues and much more.

Who Should Attend?

Safe deposit supervisors, full-time or relief vault attendants, auditors, and any employee who works in the safe deposit area.