The Major Performance Factors for Success in Banking

As salespeople and sales managers, we’d like to think that we know the qualities that a great salesperson must have, but most of us would readily admit that it’s tough to put your finger on them.

There actually are five Major Performance Factors* that measure the effectiveness of a salesperson and those factors are:

  1. No Need for Approval
  2. Supportive Buy Cycle
  3. Supportive Record Collection
  4. No Money Issues
  5. Ability to Control Emotions

You can improve these skills through awareness and training and if you do, you will be more likely to execute in selling situations. This webinar will help you by focusing on how the major performance factors may be affecting your selling success.

Covered Topics:

  • Is your need for approval with prospects getting in the way of your asking the right tough questions of your prospect?
  • What is your buy cycle like with a large purchase and how does that affect the buying cycle for your prospect?
  • Do you have thought patterns or ‘record collections’ that inhibit your selling effectiveness?
  • How comfortable are you discussing money and budget issues?
  • Do you find your self getting emotionally involved in your prospects’ response and not fully listening to what they are saying?

*Objective Management Group, Inc.

Who Should Attend?

Salespeople, Sales Managers, Marketing Managers