Teller Compliance Issues: CTRs, Reg CC and Checks

UCC 3 & 4, Regulation CC (Availability of Funds and Collection of Checks) and CTRs (Currency Transaction Reports) are the big three compliance areas for tellers which require training. These statutes and regulations form the back bone of the teller job. You will learn endorsements, stop payment orders, death issues and stale dated/postdated check laws. You will also receive annual training on placing holds and giving out new account disclosures under Regulation CC. And to cap it off we will look at the CTR and how to complete the electronic form.

What You Will Learn:

  • Types of endorsements
  • Simple teller rules to stop losses 
  • Legal issues on checks: Stop payments, stale dated, postdated checks
  • When do we know the account holder has died
  • How to place holds
  • When to place holds
  • Forms, problems and more on Reg CC
  • CTR line by line for tellers

Who Should Attend?

Tellers, Head Tellers, Teller Supervisors, Training, Branch Managers and Branch Operations.