Handling Loan Applications – What can go wrong?

Do you know how the term "application" is defined in all the lending regulations? Do your lenders and front line staff understand the difference between an application and an inquiry? 

Join this fast-paced webinar to understand the application process with step-by-step instructions and examples that explain the requirements of several confusing regulations in terms that are easy to understand.

BONUS – Reg Z REQUIRES that loan originators have "periodic training" to ensure "knowledge of Federal legal requirements that apply to the individual loan originator's loan origination activities." START 2017 BY COMPLETING A PORTION OF THIS TRAINING REQUIREMENT.

Covered Topics:

  • Learn what specific information will help you to handle applications correctly.
  • What are the top five mistakes made in application processing?
  • What are the timing requirements regarding applications?
  • When does an application have to be in writing? Does it have to be signed?
  • What are the signature rules for applications?
  • What are the rules for appraisal copies? Reg B did NOT exempt commercial purpose loans secured by a 1st lien on a 1-4 dwelling.
  • How do you properly document the “joint intent” to apply?
  • When is an adverse action notice required? What must it contain? Who receives one?
  • When can you pull a credit bureau? What documentation should be kept?
  • When can a co-signer be requested?
  • What are some practical suggestions and best practices?

Who Should Attend?

This interactive session is a cost-effective way to gain a greater understanding of the rules about accepting and processing applications. There will be no travel costs, no time lost from work, and no one will be required to leave the institution. This informative session will benefit loan officers, loan assistants, loan operations staff, compliance officers, auditors, and trainers.