Successful Workout Strategies for Problem Loans

This seminar is designed to provide the participant with a disciplined strategy for approaching the loan when it reaches the workout situation. We'll begin with a look at some early warning signs of an impending problem and then provide a step-by-step approach including what to do first, pitfalls to avoid, resources to apply, and various options faced by the lender or workout officer to develop and implement a successful workout strategy.

Covered Topics:

  • Recognizing key warning signs of pressure and the need to take action
  • Early awareness and responses by management and lenders which contribute to a company’s success or failure.
  • Problem Loan Resolution Options: Outplace, Workout, Liquidate
  • Factors involved in analyzing the course of action
  • Characteristics of a good workout program
  • Steps to implement a workout program
  • Tips for managing workout expenses
  • Identification of the legal risks in the workout process

Who Should Attend?

Junior to mid-level commercial lenders, small business lenders, credit analysts, loan review specialists, junior to mid-level special assets officers, and credit policy officers