Lending Compliance: 2016 Year-End Wrap Up

Keeping up with the CFPB can be a full time job as they continue implementing a consumer protection agenda by adopting new rules, issuing high dollar restitution enforcement actions and collecting consumer complaint data. While your financial institution probably isn’t regulated by the CFPB, the other regulators are following their lead with a focus on “evaluating consumer harm”.

Attend this session and learn what’s new, what’s old, and what’s next? This seminar will help you prevent costly mistakes and leave with tips and strategies to manage regulatory reform more effectively.

Topics Covered:

  • What’s NEW?
    • Military Lending Act became effective October 3rd. Are you in compliance?
  • What’s OLD?
  • Post TRID review and resources
    • Common TRID questions and unresolved issues
    • Building an effective TRID monitoring program; "TAKE AWAY" checklist
    • Recent CFPB "clarifications"
  • Flood rule review and resources
    • New detached structure exemption
    • New escrow rules
    • OLD monitoring requirements, insurable value, multiple buildings, flood insurance fundamentals
  • What's NEXT?
  • HMDA - summary of the new rules effective January 1, 2018 - SPOILER ALERT - There was a two year lead time because the changes are complicated!
    • Details of the new coverage rules - who collects and submits information
    • What types of loans are reportable now, and changes happening for collecting 2018 data
    • The new dwelling-secured loan standard - what are the impacts
    • Changes for commercial loans
    • New coverage for HELOCs
    • New LAR fields - expanded to 53 fields, but with many additional data requirements like "disaggregated" monitoring for ethnicity and race
    • New categories of reporting, including information on the property, loan type, and loan features; plus identification information
    • Changes to the submission process
    • Publicly available HMDA data changes
    • It’s not too early to develop an implementation strategy
  • What do regulators expect today?
    • Strong compliance management system, including effective training
    • Board oversight
    • Fair Lending focus, including third party management, complaint management, and risk based program to detect potential consumer harm and UDAAP issues 
Additional lending compliance highlights include:
  • "Lessons learned" from enforcement actions
  • Nine goals of the CFPB for 2016-2017 (Note - they released a Consumer Guide for Auto Loans on June 9, 2016; they continue to focus on debt collection and credit reporting complaint issues)

Who Should Attend?

Compliance Officers, Internal Auditors, Retail Managers, Lending personnel, Risk Managers, and any person responsible for lending compliance in 2016-2017