Structure Your Sales & Service Culture Right

You want to excel at customer service! You should. You've invested millions in products to help your customers and stay competitive. You should have. You want to blend the two and get excellent results, engaged employees and happy customers. This webinar will help you do just that.

Cross-selling is important to your growth. And, it is important you get it right. We will explore what to do and what not to do in order to shape your sales / service culture into a thriving, customer-focused, employee engaged success!

There is nothing magical or easy to excel at how you prepare and convey the vision of your culture. It takes planning and implementation to develop core values that ensure you take care of your customers and train your employees. When you build a culture that is focused on doing the right thing by both the customer and the employee you have a win-win game plan.

Now more than ever before the regulator, the auditor, the community, your board of directors, and staff will pay close attention to the talk you claim to walk.

Covered Topics:

  • Plan it Right. Train it Right. Stay Devoted to Doing Right by Your Customer.
  • Establish the Cornerstones of Your Culture...Values and Vision
  • Who Will Be Accountable for Leading the Culture?
  • How Do You Expect Your Customer-Facing Staff to Support the Culture?
  • How Will You Train Your Leaders? Your Staff?
  • What Behaviors and Results Will You Incentivize?
  • Track and Audit All Results...Values, Numbers and Behaviors
  • Hand Your Sales Performance Plan Proudly Over to the Examiners
  • Show Your Community, Your Customers and Your Staff that Integrity is First...Always.

Who Should Attend?

All managers, sales people, and customer service professionals.