Negotiation Skill Building to Improve the Bank's Business Development Efforts

Today's competitive environment requires the commercial lender to be able to negotiate in various, sometimes abstract situations - all at once! Attend this "interactive" webinar and learn to ask for the business and actually close the deal!

This webinar will emphasize negotiation skill building, effective communications, telephone techniques, and the negotiation process in order to improve the bank's overall "business development" efforts.

The related concepts of technical skill set and management styles will also be displayed. Additionally, the session will cover the importance of the "human" side of negotiations including "empathy", "ego", and "needs."

Throughout the session, business development "case studies" including "role-playing" exercises will be presented in order to reinforce the concepts.

Covered Topics:

  • Negotiation Skill Building
  • Effective Communications
  • Telephone Techniques
  • The Negotiation Process
  • Improving the Bank's Business Development Efforts
  • Technical Skill Set and Management Styles
  • The "Human" Side of Negotiations
  • Business Development "Case Studies"

Who Should Attend?

Commercial lenders, relationship managers, branch managers, private bankers, and business development officers