The Beginning Security Officer

The Bank Protection Act and the implementing regulations specify the requirements for the Security Officer. We have designed this program specifically for the individual who has little or no previous training in financial institution security. If you have been the security officer for less than three years or are newly assigned to the duties in the security area this is the webinar for you.

We will review the best practices for the financial institutions security officer as well as those things the security officer should never implement. Items of particular interest:

  1. Who on our staff should be trained about security issues?
  2. What is a security case and how should it be documented?
  3. When should you obtain help from law enforcement, regulators or other Security Officers?
  4. Where does one obtain training for special security problems like internal fraud?
  5. How to report to the board with a limited amount of time?
This program provides the ground floor as to what areas of your financial institution you will need special relationships with to be successful. Learn how to gain support from management and staff by developing a risk management committee that will help champion the protection of your bottom line. This webinar give you a whole new perspective with vital insights on how to achieve success as a security officer for a financial institution!

Covered Topics:

  • Get the blueprint of how to develop your security department
  • Understand what is required of the Security Officer by the Bank Protection Act and the implementing regulations
  • Know why a "Security Group," is necessary for your success
  • Learn what records you should be keeping as your Bank's Security Officer
  • Know what you have to teach your staff to be in compliance

Who Should Attend?

Security Officers