Understanding Bank Financial Statements

This course is intended to provide participants with the required knowledge to review and understand financial statements of banking institutions. Unlike the financial statements of our commercial and consumer customers, bank financial statements are quite unique because they reflect the uniqueness of a bank’s operations. As such, analyzing bank financial statements require a different approach in order to determine the safety and soundness of an institution which is paramount in the current economic environment.

The course will begin by reviewing the major accounts typically found on financial statements and providing a deeper understanding of each account and how they are influence by economic events that are usual for a bank and how these events affect other accounts. The financial statements to be reviewed include the Balance Sheet and the Statement of Income.

Covered Topics

  • Safety & Soundness Principles
  • Leverage & Risk
  • Balance Sheet Analysis
  • Income Statement

Who Should Attend?

Anyone in the institution having compliance responsibilities - when you think about this, it could be just about anyone in the institution. This may include members of senior management, operations personnel, lending personnel, underwriters, customer service representatives, back-room personnel, and of course compliance officers, auditors, and attorneys, and anyone else in the institution that might benefit from this valuable information.

The biggest value of the series..."Ability to have someone explain in plain English what is going on." Christine G., Bank Fund Staff Federal Credit Union