Regulation O Review

This session highlights the requirements of Regulation O and explains key definitions for credit extensions and other restrictions. Additional information is presented concerning the impact of the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Act as well as the CFPB's expanded oversight and increased scrutiny for insider activity.

Covered Topics

  • Regulation O Overview & Definitions
  • Impact of Dodd-Frank Reform Act
  • Increased Regulatory Scrutiny
  • Regulatory Authority and Enforcement Actions
  • Fraud and Insider Abuse
  • Warning Signs
  • Prohibitions and Restrictions
  • Overdraft and Payment Restrictions
  • Lending Limits
  • Reporting Requirements
  • Recordkeeping Requirements
  • Risks
  • Prevention & Detection

Who Should Attend?

Anyone in the institution having compliance responsibilities - when you think about this, it could be just about anyone in the institution. This may include members of senior management, operations personnel, lending personnel, underwriters, customer service representatives, back-room personnel, and of course compliance officers, auditors, and attorneys, and anyone else in the institution that might benefit from this valuable information.

The biggest value of the series..."Ability to have someone explain in plain English what is going on." Christine G., Bank Fund Staff Federal Credit Union