10 Do's and Dont's For Social Security and VA Accounts

This webinar will cover the accounts that receive government benefits, such as social security and veterans accounts. We will review overdraft issues on these accounts, plus all the rules accompanying the opening and maintenance of these accounts. ACH issues and death notification entries involving government benefits accounts will also be examined. Another area included will be a review of treasury checks, postal money issues and security features. Last, we will examine how to protect your institutions from reclamations and fraud. All in all, this webinar is a must for every financial institution in the country.

Covered Topics:

  • Social security representative accounts
  • Veteran administration accounts
  • Overdraft issues and offset on these accounts
  • Styling and common mistakes
  • Treasury Check and Postal Money Order security features and reclamations
  • Government Benefit ACH issues

Who Should Attend?

This webinar will benefit new accounts, deposit operations, branch administration, training, operations, compliance and BSA officers.