Loan Documentation for “Secured” Commercial Lending Transactions

Attend this proactive seminar and receive a thorough overview of commercial lending “loan documentation” with an emphasis on “secured” transactions.

Basic “business” structure, loan “structure,” and loan “support” will be highlighted along with a review of “secured” loan documentation including promissory notes (signature requirements, authority & capacity, confession of judgment clause, jury waiver, and arbitration agreement).

This portion of the seminar will also cover business loan agreements, security agreements, UCC financing statements (Article 9), Small Business Jobs Act certificates, and other supporting documents including corporate resolutions, guarantees, and Reg B notices. 

Additionally, the related concept of Commercial & Industrial (C&I) lending will be covered including documenting secured working capital lines, ABL facilities, and equipment financing (loans/leases). This section will further review the Borrowing Base Certificate (BBC) and the valuation and quality of accounts receivable, inventory and equipment.

The seminar will also analyze the use of the BSA Loan Rating Matrix, Collateral Rating Matrix, and C&I Borrower Rating Matrix.

The session will be summarized through a “hands-on” comprehensive “loan documentation” case study.

Course Objectives:

  1. Be introduced to secured commercial loan documentation
  2. Review basic “business” structure, loan structure, and loan support
  3. Highlight “secured” loan documentation including promissory notes, security agreements, and guarantees
  4. Discuss related concept of C&I lending including “secured” working capital lines, ABL facilities, and equipment financing and also cover the BBC and inventory and equipment issues
  5. Analyze the Loan, Collateral, and Borrower Matrixes
  6. Explore a comprehensive “loan documentation” case study

Who Should Attend?

Commercial lenders, credit analysts, loan documentation specialists, relationship managers, branch managers, private bankers, and business development officers