Transformational Growth: Enabling Enterprise-Wide Innovation

The coming years will bring about the greatest transformational change seen in the last 25 years. Technology advancements create opportunities. Generationally, customers will shift from primarily Baby Boomers to Millennials, who access and purchase services vastly different from their parents and grandparents. Is your organization prepared to better compete and serve new customers in innovative ways? Have you specifically created an environment where truly innovative ideas can foster and grow within your organization? Your ability to successfully grow your business with new paradigms of product or service delivery is critical. Innovation is the key to transformational growth and success with tomorrow's customers. This session will highlight the pivotal opportunities all financial institutions now face, present specific transformational growth strategies and provide ideas on how to get a culture of innovation established within your organization.

Covered Topics:

  • Explore the impact that innovation has on an organization
  • Understand the unique relationship between innovation and creativity
  • Discuss why financial institutions aren't as innovative / creative as they should be
  • Identify the impact that innovation can have on customer retention / acquisition
  • Highlight areas of the financial institution which should be the target of creativity / innovation
  • Provide a blueprint for how to get creativity and innovation started at your financial institution

Who Should Attend?

Financial Institution Senior Management, Board, Department Heads or Supervisors, and all future leaders