Fraud Detection and Investigation

We live in an ever-changing technological world with software and applications for everything imaginable. So why isn’t there an app for preventing financial institution fraud? Not all fraud is preventable or discoverable by electronic means. Sometimes it takes good old fashioned investigative work. Join us for a look at some of the “old school” fraud problems that still exist today and how we can do a better job at identifying them. We’ll discuss the importance of your internal culture and its impact on fraud, both internal and external. After we’ve detected a problem, now what do we do? Learn the importance of a proper investigation, how to conduct one and how to accomplish an interview.


  1. Understand how generational differences play a significant part in fraud.
  2. Name the most important asset in internal fraud detection.
  3. What is the correlation between our institutional culture and fraud.
  4. Identify the 3 most important elements in any internal fraud investigation.
  5. Understand the importance of proper case management and courtroom preparation.
  6. Why you should preplan your interview and have multiple exit strategies.

Who Should Attend?

Branch management, Operations staff, Security officer, Risk management, Fraud managers, Fraud investigators, Human Resources