Opening Deposit Accounts for Nonresident Aliens - Changes on the W-8BEN

New W-8BEN rules came out with IRS Notice 2017-46. The back and fourth on foreign TINs and date of births has been resolved. During this program we will review the W-8BEN and the 1042S reporting in light of new rules. We will also cover CIP and Due Diligence for nonresident alien customers.

What You Will Learn:

  • Who is a nonresident alien
  • What types of identification are acceptable
  • What due diligence questions should be asked
  • Line by line on the W-8BEN and 1042S Interest reporting
  • Changes for nonresident aliens and foreign ID
  • And much much more...

Who Should Attend?

New accounts, Branch Administration, Deposit Accounts, Bankers who work with nonresident aliens